Women’s History

Triumph or Tragedy? – Australia’s Achieving Women

The achievements of Australian women over the last forty thousand years have been viewed as triumphantly successful by some members of the community yet are seen to have led to tragedy by others.

Tell us why you think these Australian women’s accomplishments should be recorded but don’t just narrate the story of their lives. Show us the significance of what they have done for their communities and Australia and whether it resulted in triumph or tragedy. Dig deeply in primary and secondary sources, newspapers and local records. Listen to the stories of your family and of elderly people who live nearby and give evidence of your analytical and detective skills. You could also try our website at the National Foundation for Australian Women (www.nfaw.org). Write beautifully so that we too can celebrate them.
The Australian Women’s Register is a good place to start your research. It can be found under the Australian Women’s Archives Project on the National Foundation for Australian Women website (www.nfaw.org)

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