History of Sport

“Making a Better World?” in the World of Sport

The modern world is full of sport: both elite professional and weekend sports. It has become a feature of our modern world. How has this changed and developed over time?

How important is winning and could the victory ‘make a better world’ for an individual or for a country?  To what lengths will people or governments go in order to win?  How does participating in sport contribute to making a better world? Have some people been able to use success in sport to make a world better? Has there been a cost? There are many questions that arise in the consideration of what sport has led to in our world.

You could consider the role of individual sportspeople, administrators, governments, scientists, and/or new technology to improve performance and community health. Does this end up making a better world for all or only for some?

Is sport seen differently in Australia from other places in the world?

In this category you need to look at Making a Better World? in respect of a sportsperson, a particular sport, or sport in general. You could look at an Australian example or a non-Australian one or you could compare the two.