Have a Voice in Our Democracy

Have a Voice in Our Democracy

At the Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House (MoAD) everyone has a voice in our democracy.  But does democracy make for a better world?

A democracy is a place where everyone can have a say.

Throughout history, many different voices have contributed to our democracy in numerous ways.

Students from years F-12 are invited to research and create an entry that considers whether democracy makes for a better world.

  • Research an individual or a community; an artist or a writer; an idea or an event; a discovery or an invention that has contributed to democracy. For example, poet and political activist Oodgeroo Noonuccal, satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the  1967 Referendum, equality, the Internet
  • Entries can include local, national and global political leaders, activists, political parties, or governments who have influenced the development of democracy. For example, Paul Keating, Nelson Mandela, the Tea Party movement, GetUp!
  • You might also choose to focus on the democratic legacy of an historical document, artwork or musical piece. For example, the Australian Constitution, Sidney Nolan’s paintings, Bob Dylan’s lyrics
  • You can enter a creative response for this category, including 3D museum exhibits.  See the National History Challenge website  for presentation format ideas
  • Entries are not limited to Australian figures, events or documents.
  • Use or reference of the MoAD collection is encouraged, including the building and its collection, MoAD website and online resources
  • Some ideas of digital tools to assist your response include: History in Place Toolkit; Thinglink; iMovie; StopMotion Recorder, PPT presentation

Winning entries will be displayed on the MoAD website or onsite in the museum

Some helpful links:

MoAD Learning – http://moadoph.gov.au/learning/

Documenting a Democracy – http://www.foundingdocs.gov.au/

Magna Carta and Modern Australia – http://magnacarta.moadoph.gov.au/

Australian Prime Ministers – http://primeministers.moadoph.gov.au/

Australian Human Rights Commission – https://www.humanrights.gov.au/

United Nations Association of Australia – http://www.unaa.org.au/



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